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On Monday, the 26th anniversary of the end of apartheid, a COVID-19 crisis that was briefly left out came to the fore again, and all South Africans are rethinking their vacation plans for December. South Africa is now the epicentre of a pandemic in Africa, with confirmed Ebola cases in Port Elizabeth, Cape Town and Johannesburg. The way the government has regulated is bad news, but it is not the only one.

In 2018, the population of South Africa increased to 88,892, most of them in the Eastern Cape. Tourism in particular has influenced much of this growth, with the city already a popular holiday destination for South Africans at the end of the 19th century. The wider environment of the region, including the tourism industry and its impact on the local economy, is crucial to the country's economy.

South Africa's economy, like that of the Eastern Cape, is inspired by the importance of protected water and its role in the country's economic development.

The Cape Recife Lighthouse was built to warn passing ships of the deadly Thunderbolt Reef cliff, and it is a lighthouse in Cape Recife. The Cape St. Blaize lighthouse was also built in the 18th century on the eastern shore of Mossel Bay. British settlers founded Port Elizabeth in 1820 and by the 1830s there were over 100 houses and the city had grown into a fortress. After visiting Mossels Bay in 1734 and building a quarry here, the first lighthouse of its kind was built in South Africa at the end of 1735.

Da Gama, widely regarded as one of the most important cities in South Africa and the oldest city in the world, traded cattle for cattle in Port Elizabeth.

Mossel Bay, home to one of South Africa's most popular tourist attractions, is also an important feature. In his book "Port Elizabeth and the Cape of Blaize," Goodwin describes his finds at Cape St. Blaize as "one of the most important archaeological sites in the world for preserving human history," says the book's co-author, Dr. Michael Gauteng, professor of anthropology at the University of Cape Town.

This makes Port Elizabeth one of the most important archaeological sites in South Africa and the world and, according to Gauteng and Goodwin, a tourist attraction of its own.

In the heart of Port Elizabeth, just a short drive from the city centre, guests can enjoy entertainment at the Boardwalk Casino and Entertainment Complex, quiet walks along the beach, learn about South African history and enjoy a quiet stroll along the beaches. Art lovers can wander around the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Art Museum admiring some of the world's most important artworks from around the world, as well as a variety of local and international artists.

While the beaches of this popular resort remain closed during the high season, hotels, guesthouses and lodges are open to travellers from the province. With accommodation options that meet your budget travel needs, all you have to do now is look at how to integrate all the tourist attractions into your itinerary from Port Elizabeth. Enjoy the warm South African hospitality, enjoy the first class service and enjoy some of the best restaurants, bars, restaurants and hotels in South Africa.

If you're in town at the end of December, don't miss the three-day Ebubeleni Music Festival, held at Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium, featuring some of South Africa's best music acts. This is a convenient stopover on the way out of the Eastern Karoo and a great place to watch birds. This little gem is located in the heart of Port Elizabeth, just a short drive from the city centre and is another must-visit.

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Port Elizabeth is a melting pot of flavours and aromas, with influences from all over South Africa and other parts of the world. The food in PortElizabeth is excellent and the harvests in the region are a mix of local ingredients such as corn, wheat, barley, rice, cassava, tomatoes, beans, potatoes and more.

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The old part of the city is on the north side, while the new suburbs span the peninsula and stretch east along the bay's sandy beaches. The Sunshine Coast starts here and extends to East London, following the Donkin Heritage Trail, which leads through the historic city of Port Elizabeth, the oldest city in South Africa and one of Australia's oldest.

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More About Port Elizabeth